Foundeer of Grateful CrystalsFoundeer of Grateful Crystals

After more than 20 years of working the same corporate job in New York City, I decided it was time to fulfill my purpose and lifetime dream.

I became a certified life coach in 2019, helping to provide mental clarity and acting as a guide for others during difficult and confusing times. There's no greater feeling than watching my clients achieve true transformation through hard work and commitment. And I wanted to do more, for many more.

Grateful Crystal was born from a love of personal growth and spiritual healing. Because it is within all of us to achieve our greatest potential--we just have to look a little deeper.

You came here for a reason. Maybe you're looking for clarity during an unusual time, or want to invite more peace around yourself amidst the chaos of everyday life. Or, maybe you want to strengthen your bond with yourself and the Universe. Whatever your reason is, I'm very glad you're here and know you'll discover something special.

Enjoy your journey,