Why Do Onyx Bowls Bring Out A Zen Atmosphere To Your Space?

Why Do Onyx Bowls Bring Out A Zen Atmosphere To Your Space?

Would you like to add beauty, elegance, and serenity to your space? Peaceful spaces make me think clearly. I love the idea of having an onyx bowl in my kitchen or living room. It’s so calming and soothing.  It is also a great conversation starter!  

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The Truth About Moldavite | What Is It? How & Why Would You Use It?

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Ho’oponopono: The Ancient Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness and Opening

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Keeping a journal

How To Use Your Journal

Journals are very powerful tools. Journaling helps to connect with yourself and aids in both self-growth and spiritual growth. There are several ways you can use your journal...

What Are Crystals?

Think of a crystal as a reminder of your intention. A great way to begin using healing crystals is by using crystals for manifesting your intentions as well as what you would like to cultivate in your life.