What Is Ho’oponopono?.    An Ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and opening your heart and to connect you with you inner divinity. 

  • The process is to forgive yourself, thank yourself, and send yourself love!
  • It should be said when confronted with conflict, an accident, traumatic event or anything that causes a negative emotion to surge up within you.  
  • It should be said out loud or quietly to yourself.  
  • You are speaking it to yourself, the universe, inner divinity, God.  
  • This phrase can be used as a Mantra and can even be used for a happy event!
  • At first, take time practicing saying the entire phrase.  After a while simply saying:  "Thank you" & "I love you" is enough and a sense of calm and inner peace will be created.  
  • Practiced using the four steps of Ho'oponopono (order of steps are not as important as the forces at work being repentance, forgiveness, gratitude, and love).

How Does It Work?

Repeat 4 phrases:  "I'm sorry", "Please Forgive me", Thank you",  "I love you".  Ho’oponopono is a process of atonement.  It impacts positively the outside world as it treats the source of the problem, and the memories which inside of you.

Using this appoach we can free ourselves of our old memories and beliefs and discover who we really are.  Memories are freed and turned into pure love. You will then free yourself.   "Peace starts with me and noone else".

The principle that represents the core of this ancient Hawaiian practice that what you see is what you are creating in your own mind.   Everything that happens to us is our responsibility.  The world around us is our creation.  Physical reality is a creation of your thoughts.  Eveything is based on "beliefs" thoughts and memories".  The good news is that you can change your outside world.  You are the creator of 100% of what befalls you.  This is the key to the Ho’oponopono practice.  Everything is inside of us.  Physical reality is the creation of our toughts and everything that happens to us.  Take responsibility for what you have created.  When enter into this energy have great faith in yourself and you will be living in the present without expectations.  

The 4 Steps and How-To:

Step 1: Repentance – I’m Sorry

  • You are in control of your life so when a problem crops up in your life you are seeing it as your creation or as your doing.  What you're really saying is, “I’m sorry for creating this situation.  I’m sorry that I am creating you/this in my experience as anything less than holy and good.” The good news is that two words, “I’m sorry” is all you have to say.

  • Don't look for the cause of the problem outside of yourself.  The solution is not outside of you.  You will find the solution to your problem inside yourself.  You’re changing and freeing yourself from this situation by owning it. “I’m sorry” opens the door for the healing.

Step 2:  Ask For Forgiveness – Please Forgive Me

When we ask for forgiveness we move from the place of self importance and pride to a state of humility and we drop our pretense  and ask for forgiveness this is not the admission of guilt.  There is something humiliating about asking forgivenss but once you have let go of that victim mentality you will be liberated.  The key is to feel the meaning and desire to be forgiven. What you’re really saying is, please forgive me for my part in keeping you/this/it trapped in fear or pain.”  Forgiveness frees you from your fears and opens you to love.  Our fears exist because of the absence of love. Address this forgiveness to yourself which will lead you to liberation and happiness. 

 Step 3: Gratitude – Thank You

  • Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational frequencies you can be at. Gratitude in this practice also brings relief. To feel grateful means you know you are moving in the direction of the negative dream being over. What you’re really saying is, “Thank you for helping me see my part in this. Thank you, God/Universe for being always loving and kind. Thank you to the Spirit within the other person (s) that is helping me to become free.” You say, “Thank you” and the rest is encoded in there.

 Step 4: Love – I Love You

  • Love heals and seals the deal! Say, “I love you” to yourself. Say it to whoever is in your mind. Say it to God/Universe or to the air that you breathe and the sun that shines. Love is a healing power that unites, restores, rebuilds, and reveals the perfection that is within you and others.

Please, don’t worry about “getting/understanding it” or even agreeing with it. The good news is that Ho’oponopono, like all spiritual principles, simply works. It needs no understanding, just a willingness to try it, practice it, and prove it for yourself.

It is best to do Ho’oponopono in a meditative state, eyes closed and focused inward, but it can also be done any time negative memories, fears, or judgments cloud your mind. Just repeat the four steps over and over in your mind while doing every day activities such as taking a walk, driving, etc. It can be practiced any time and anywhere.