Scripting is a Law of Attraction technique that is used to Manifest your dream reality, and it really works... 

Scripting is where you write out what you are manifesting as if it has already come to you! You do this by writing as if you already have your manifestation, and always write in present tense.

There are various ways you can Script, one of the most popular forms is writing a Scripting Letter to the Universe/God/Source and expressing gratitude because your manifestation (or goal) has come true. 



  • The secret to success in scripting is to express in your scripting letter how you feel now that your manifestation has come true. Write a sentence starting with what you have manifested, as if it is happening currently and presently, followed by how it feel's now that you are currently living in your dream reality. 

How Do You Script?


Write what you want to manifest, or your dream reality, as if you are already living it in the present moment. Describe how you feel now that you have what you want. Feeling is everything!


Key Notes:

  • ***ALWAYS use "I Am" (for example: "I am so happy and grateful now that... (insert what you want to manifest here as if you already have it)

  • Scripting Affirmation: I truly believe that I can make what I am writing about happen and I will.

  • Use Present Tense ALWAYS

  • Be clear and detailed: the more descriptive you are, the better you will be able to connect and visualize everything you are trying to manifest

  • Express HOW IT FEELS to have it: describing your feelings is KEY to writing a powerful script; express how it feels to have your manifestation

  • Express Gratitude: Gratitude is one of the most high vibrational feelings that you can embody!

  • Follow first statement (your manifestation) with second statement about how it FEELS to have it now in your life as your reality

  • Gratitude is one of the energies with the highest vibration. Feeling grateful or writing what you are grateful for will put you into alignment with the Universe. The more you embody the feeling of gratitude, the more supported your desires will be.


    1. Speaking as though your manifestation (or goal or wish) has already come true: You can insert all of your immediate goals here; Always start with: " I am so happy and grateful now that..." 

    2. Then state how you feel now that you have your manifestation (remember write as if it has already happened). You can write about how you would like to feel as if you already have it. Ask yourself how it feels to now have your manifestation.

    3. Giving gratitude and thanks to the Universe! This Universe is conspiring all of our wildest dreams and all of our wishes to come true and it is important to remember to be grateful for the Universe. This part is all about gratitude and giving thanks. Be grateful for the Universe and give thanks for this energy showing up in your life. When we are manifesting, we are not doing it by ourselves. God/Source/Energy/Universe//Spirit is very inherent in what it is you wish to create or manifest for yourself.

      Common Mistakes Made in Scripting That Block The Law of Attraction:

      • Stop Overthinking:

      When we overthink, this creates stagnation and we want flow! (Forget about everything and just write)


      • Speaking into existence:

      Use present tense

      Write, "I am so happy and grateful now that..."

      Act as if what it is you want is already here now

      Speak/write as though your goal has come true

      Use "I Am"


      • Don't get attached to what it is you need to write:

      Do what feels good and right to you

      Scripting is all about feeling

      After writing just trust that your goal is going to happen!

      ***KEY: It is not your job to figure out how your manifestation will come true. It is your job to figure out what you want and LET THE UNIVERSE FIGURE OUT THE REST!


      • Commit to Scripting every single day! (It can even be for just 5-10 minutes):

      Script in the morning and/or night before bed


      • To further help you Script and manifest, we have made our very own Scripting Guide! Click here to access the Grateful Crystal Scripting Guide/Template.

      • Click here to check out our Scripting Step By Step Tutorial Video for a quick summary on how to Script!