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These unique candles are ideal for setting intentions, meditation, attracting and healing. As you light your candle, set your intention and visualize your wishes as they were already manifested into your reality.
Once your candle has burned retrieve your crystal and carry it with you or place it in a sacred space to bring good fortune within the flow of your life.
Formulated with a blend of organic herbs and essential oils.

Hand-poured and made with 100% soy wax. The soy beans are natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Burn clean without harsh chemical being released into the air.

Made from soy
Cotton Wick
Contained in Glass, for an even melt are viewing Handmade Natural Soy Candles- Beautiful Hand Poured Crystal Candles


Size: 7.1oz/200g
50 hours burn time
Hand Poured
Natural Soy Candle
Sourced from Organic Ingredients

Divine Light:

Jasmine candle with Amethyst heart and Clear Quartz

Amethyst: Helps maintain emotional balance, soothes stress and anxiety.

Clear Quartz: Known as the master healer, enhances and amplifies any energy or intention.

"Tear down my obstacles. Lead me to self-realization and merge me with grace into your Divine Light."

Joy & Abundance:

Breezy Muguet and Sea Salt candle with Carnelian heart and Green Jade.

Carnelian: Improves vitality and ignites inner fire.

Jade: Attracts luck, prosperity, and abundance.

"I am surrounded by infinite joy, happiness, & abundance."


Moroccan Amber candle with Tiger’s Eye heart and Fluorite.

Tiger’s Eye: A stone of protection, stimulates taking action and personal power.

Fluorite: Facilitates mental enhancement and clarity, improves decision making, cleans the energy fields.

"Today I touch the strength of my soul. I live in confidence for life to conspire with me!"

Calming Paradise:

Coconut Vanilla candle with Opalite heart and Aquamarine.

Opalite: Helps to soothe frayed nerves and calms anxiety. Clears any worries and attracts peaceful energy.

Aquamarine: Carries the calming energy of the ocean, soothes and calms the emotions.

"I breathe in calmness; I breathe out stress."


The aroma of cedar and lavender come together with the powerful energy of a rose quartz heart nestled
inside this hand-poured, 100% soy wax candle.

"I am loved more than I ever thought possible."

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