Rose Quartz Crystal Tower | 3 lbs


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Are you looking to attract more love in your life? If so, look no further than Rose Quartz...

Rose Quartz is known as the Stone of Universal and Unconditional Love. It is also known as The Heart Stone.

This is the Enchanted Environment 3lb Rose Quartz Tower!


  • Love
  • Abundance
  • Joy
  • Heals the heart
  • Brings trust and harmony in relationships
  • Feeling of peace
  • Open and cleanses the heart
  • Promotes self love

Let the energy of Rose Quartz guide you to see love both within and around you. Working with Rose Quartz allows you to feel fully immersed in the energy of love. Keep Rose Quartz in any room to amplify the love being given and received. Set your intention to have a loving home, relationship, or add Rose Quartz to your child's room to emit the love frequency. Allow Rose Quartz to bring more love into your relationships and within yourself...

**Comes with a complimentary Rose Quartz Sphere as a thank you for purchasing!**

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